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Welcome to My Journey

The journey ... well it's a work in progress. It's a journey to my first Ultra Marathon, a 50k, and beyond. A look inward to my 'why' and a look into the 'why' of others who are on a similar journey through running.  

Recovery and CBD

Not gonna lie ... I'm a dude that's about Tolkein, Middle Earth Elf sized and in my 50th year. Recovery after a long run took days and the aches and pains seemed to never subside. Along with regular stretching and core work, I started experimenting with CBD in different forms. One item that has been great for me in decreasing my recovery time is from Arcanum Edge called the Quill. Check it out at the button below. 

Arcanum Edge

Stories Along The Path

Just a little silliness

A few clips thrown together ... 

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